Kanye West & Suge Knight Settle Gunshot Wound Lawsuit Out Of Court

Kanye West and Suge Knight decided to stop battling in court and reached an out of court settlement, stemming from Suge Knight’s 2005 shooting at a Kanye West hosted event.

Suge also claimed to robbed of a $135,000 diamond earring at the Miami MTV Video Music Awardsparty .

Knight originally sought millions in damages, claiming West was at fault for not having better security. The gunman snuck the gun in undetected and escaped the scene.

After this case was thrown out of court in November when a Miami judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove the shooting could have been prevented. Knight filed new papers in December anyway, appealing the decision.

No figures were released to show how much money Suge got to drop the case.

SOURCE: thisis50

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