Kanye West Doesn't Want Any More Grammys

He’s leaning in the direction of rapping heavily on his next album, but contrary to the rumors

Not quite yet, says Kanye West. He’s leaning in the direction of rapping heavily on his next album, but contrary to the rumors, he doesn’t have any songs for a follow-up opus to 808s and Heartbreak.

He does have shoes though, as West pointed out Friday afternoon, sitting in the studio of Sway and King Tech’s “Wake Up Show.” High-end shoes.

The Louis Vuitton Don’s Louis Vuitton sneakers are going to cost $600 to $800. The Air Yeezys he designed for Nike are going to be $250 to $300.

“For me, it’s so, so overwhelming,” West beamed about being able to design shoes. “It’s like winning a Grammy for me, ’cause you know, I really care about clothes. I wanted to be a designer back in fourth grade. I got scholarships to go to art school, and I dropped out to do music, to focus more on music.

“Because in life, you graduate, you get new goals and stuff like that,” ‘Ye added.

A few years ago, winning just one Grammy was a lifelong dream for West. He even wrote an acceptance speech years in advance of breaking big in the music biz.

Well, four hit albums and umpteen smash singles later, West says he has enough of those shiny statues to last him for good.

“I actually don’t want to win any more Grammys,” he revealed. “Because I have 10, and that’s a perfect number. I don’t want to have 11 Grammys. That f—s my number up.”

Well, even if he were to up and retire from the game today, chances are very high he would still take home that 11th award. On Sunday (February 8), when he’ll be taking to the stage with Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and T.I. for a performance of “Swagga Like Us,” the Chicago heavyweight will be up for six new Grammys. Maybe he’ll be “lucky” and not win any of those.

Will Lil Wayne grab all the gramophones? Is Katy Perry going to tell her girl rivals to kiss off? Can Coldplay march off with a win? MTV News is all over the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, so stay tuned for interviews, analysis and more before, during and after the big night, Sunday, February 8.

Source: MTV

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