Just Another Friday Movie

JUST Another Friday, is a gospel movie made by Michael and Judith Falloon Reid-Brown (husband and wife). Falloon Reid-Brown says the film is based on a play she wrote, which originally ran at her church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1998.
The Browns are from Kingston and have worked in television production since 1999. Their credits include My Likkle Food Spot,Gospel Rhythms on the Flow cable channel, and Dry Land Tourist which airs on CVM Television.
Co-produced by BarriVision Productions, Jamaica Youth For Christ (JYFC) and its drama ministry ACTS 12.
Being touted as Jamaica’s first gospel film.Just Another Friday stars Vanessa Clarke as Sonia; Arthur Allen as her brother Leon; Omar Letford as Cedric Simpson and Kayla Wilson as his wife Marcia
Gospel artistes Deneese Wright, Lubert Levy, NexChange and Blu Isteppa, popular poet Denise ‘Defy’ Fyffe, and singer A J Brown are also members of the cast.
Shot in Ocho Rios, the movie is set to premiere in Kingston on Thursday, March 21 at the Red Bones Blues Café and in Montego Bay on March 22, 2013 at the Fairfield Theatre and will also will be showing oversees starting in April.
“[It’s] a story about family, conflict, tragedy and redemption,” explains author/playwright Judith Falloon-Reid. “The themes are current and will take moviegoers through the conflicts between a husband and wife, their Christian teenager, her worldly brother and their visiting relatives.The hope you should get from this movie is that no matter where you are in your life God is waiting, but tomorrow is promised to no one,”
You can view the itinerary of the movie and more by clicking the link below to enter its website

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