Junior Reid, Eve: Strictly business

‘Making sweet music together but nothing else’ is what Reggae singer Junior Reid is saying about his relationship with American rapper Eve.

Rumours have been circulating since the recent Christmas period that Reid and Eve are an item as the two were seen rolling together.

It was Reid who brought Eve on stage at Sting where she gave a brief performance and the two were spotted together, often very close, at various locations such as the weekly street dance Dutty Fridaze.

However, Junior Reid recently told The STAR, “We’re just working together. It’s strictly professional. She was down here for the Christmas and we were rolling together as friends.”

According to Reid, the two are expected to release a song together some time this year.

While in Jamaica, Reid says that Eve enjoyed the local culture.

“She loved Jamaica…to see a big hip hop artiste come down here to spend di entire Christmas is good. She really loved it,” he said.

While the rumours were all over the Internet and on the radio, Reid was too busy working on his upcoming album to notice.

Grateful for his much sought after time in Jamaica during the holiday season, Reid was busy at work with the release of songs such as Waan Tek Life with his two sons.

“I’m in the process of making my album Junior One Blood Reid the Living Legend which has 15 tracks on it. There are songs with Snoop Dogg, Lil Weasley, Rik Rok and more,” Reid explained.

According to Reid he has over 50 collaborations with international artistes, including his remix of Alicia Keys hit song No One.

Reid has also touched numerous stage shows recently such as Sting, Unity Splash, Original Jam Jam and Rebel Salute.

For him its a pleasure to be in his home country as he states: “It feels good to be back home, the international market have me busy, busy. Its been a long time since I’ve got a two to three weeks to come to Jamaica. I try mek myself available on shows over the Christmas as well as in the studio ’cause I don’t waan record a hip hop album … I want some conscious roots, dancehall and pop.”

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