Junior Culture defines Reggae music as the heartbeat of the world.

Born Jermaine Vassell on August 13, 1980, in the fiery Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica. Music sparked an interest in him from the age of seven years old when he performed during a festival at his junior high school. The experience lit a fire in him, which continued to burn into his early teens. 

The decision to pursue music, especially reggae music, was stamped on his heart, in his psyche, & on his tongue. He was encouraged by his Aunt to write his first song called ‘Afi tek a look’ recorded at King Bully’s Recording Studio in Spanish Town. Ja His first single was recorded at Omega Music called ‘Pretty Dunce’ which received plenty of air play and endorsements. 

He had the opportunity to work with several producers within the island, belting out tunes such as ‘None a Dem a Nuh Wi Fren’ with established producer Richie Flex of Nocturnal Records and Camanchie. He won the hearts of many fans in Europe during an extensive tour bertween 2010 & 2011, and also between 2014 to 2016. He visited countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden, spreading the message of love, faith and happiness through his music. !! It was during that time he met producers such as Marco Evangelista of Gold-cup Records in Italy, producing and writing his album, entitled ‘Heights of Great Men’

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