Jmovemence Seeks female fanbase with Tight Space Single

Fast-rising entertainer Jmovemence says he believes the key to a successful musical career is winning the female audience and as such he has no plans of sticking to the current dancehall script which is currently underpinned by a barrage of “choppa” and “gun” songs.

The deejay says he wants to instead be an agent of positive change while providing high-quality entertainment with his inspirational and creative content that he hopes will inspire the youths of today to strive for greatness. The eloquent artiste says he is also keen on releasing music that women can dance to as well as feel empowered by. 

“When start guh dance as a youth me used to see woman and man a dance now issa hyping ting suh is like the women dem nah get di attention dem deserve which me ago fix. My music is feel good music which is what is lacking in the current space suh me just a forward and do me work cause me sure it ago work” stated Jmovemence. 


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Jmovemence is Making Melodies That Make Hips Move