Jmovemece Aims To Uplift, Entertain and Inspire Youths Of Today

Fast-rising entertainer Jmovemence has no plans of sticking to the current dancehall script which is currently underpinned by a barrage of “Choppa” and “gun” songs. The deejay says he wants to instead be an agent of positive change while providing high-quality entertainment with his inspirational and creative content that he hopes will inspire the youths of today to strive for greatness. The eloquent artiste says he does not want to be what he dubs as a ‘1-year artiste”, instead he want to create a legacy that will live on for generations to come. 

” My goal is to be a legend, it is as simple as that. I am not here to make up numbers because the youths need positive people to look up to as such I have taken on the responsibility on myself to be one such agent of positive change.  Me know me alone can’t do dweet but if every man and woman decide to govern what dem a lead di youths dem to do then our society will be better overtime. Each one teach one each one be an example, simple” Stated Jmovemence. 

Born Jason Ford, Jmovemence’s musical mission began in the classroom at a tender age when his exceptional writing and deejaying skills were the highlights of every lunch break during his high schools days. As his confidence grew so did his determination to become a professional recording artiste a dream that has quickly become a reality after caught the attention of several producers and musical pundits who to date are kept busy harnessing his exceptional talent. 

” Music has been a challenging yet exciting journey however I honestly would not change any aspect of it because it has helped to shape me into a better person and a much better artiste. I strongly believe that at this point I am actually ready mentally and musically to handle all aspects of the music industry. I just want the fans of dancehall/reggae to look out for me because I am here to make an impact” Stated Jmovemence. 

Currently, Jmovement is working closely with a cluster of top-flight producers but primarily with United Kingdom-based PCP Entertainment. His latest release on that imprint is called “Tight Space” which is targeting his female fanbase. Additionally, he has recently released a four track EP entitled Deep Pree which is available on all major digital platforms.  

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