Jinyus lands a single with international Grammy super producer Scott Storch

Dancehall / Reggae artist Jinyus somehow got the attention of 8 time Grammy-winning producer Scott Storch. Jinyus recently posted his story on Instagram a screenshot of Rap Superstar The Game messaging in his DM saying “Saw u & Scott Storch put in work I can see why bro ya sh** fire” 

the game jinyus

Storch produced the first single on Jinyus ‘Yuh Zimi EP’, song called ‘Welcome To Jamaica’. The song was inspired by and has a similar vibe to Damion ‘Junior Gong’ Marley’s Welcome To Jamrock single from his welcome To Jamrock Album released on September 12 2005. Ironically, Welcome To Jamaican was released on Jinyus birthday September 12, 2021.

Welcome To Jamaica was also credited with works from Jamaican Grammy-Winning Producer SOS Dynamikz and JJwizzle who is a new producer that’s also making waves in the dancehall scene. 

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