Jamaican School Boy & Police Square Off In Sav Town

Video of Jamaican Police Officer and a School Boy getting into it after he refused to give the officer his bag.

  1. unu need fi shut up! cauz a dem same boy ya grow up and kill unu pitney cauz dem feel dem badder dan the law…dem need likkle 'ruff up' sometimes fi know demself! if police wa search him bag weh him a resist fa?

  2. How d police wrong tho? Him ask him to search his bag (which he had legal right to do) d likkle boy decide fi play big man so him get a big man lick

  3. a ppl like you mek dem likkle bwoy yah feel like dem bad…the police shudda charge him for assaulting a police officer….sue him fi wah and a school him a mek him guh

  4. Hey bwoi Elton know wehh yaa seh, did that give the police right to lick the ute, u know how the police did approach the ute then ah call the ute fool, si all unuh…..some real gugu, suppose the ute nuh waa tek tha bus deh? enuh need fi bill ….yanz balam yaa chat yuh navv bredda?……..reggie membah if ah did u just one phone call to grandma and police bwoi lose him wuck instantly…..Him naaa duh Azan pickney dem supn yah……Respect is supn u earn….waste man police that!

  5. Marlio Nospmoht , Lose which work ? The police had all legal right to do what he did. I watch the video several times. I think the police saved his life. Lots of you young children growing up with no respect and get your selves recruited into gangs at an early age and get killed at an early age. The cop gave him one lick which was enough and immediately the boy started to comply to rules. Discipline has broken down in Jamaica so much and its going to take the JDF to bring back law and order to our country, because it seems like neither the PM or Mr Bunting does not understand what it needs to restore normalcy to our country. The hotels can hire security guards to protect tourists , but there is not enough policemen to protect all citizens. The PM is not really reading the News Papers or watching TV, so there is a clear picture she does not understand the indiscipline and bad man ism that is taking over our country.

  6. sir, with all due respect, do you know how many young school boys carry guns to school on a daily basis, i only hope you never av to face one of them with a gun in his hand, and death on his mind,because your last rites will be read of tht i'm sure.

  7. just have one thing to say the Jamaica police is just a legal gang i have done a couple of research an have notice most Jamaica police rob,murder,extort,sell drugs at one time no country in the world would sell the police ammo they had to purchase ammo from unlicensed arms dealer to me its best avoid them

  8. Al-Aziz Giacomo Casanova-Simpson…..yu a eediat ! Jamaica imitate every Jeezas thing America do. In my 50 years I have seen this ting go aggressively downhill. The killing stabbing murdering of school child is a daily event. When oooonu dun F up Jamaica the foreigners will just come purchase what is left.

  9. Children have rights too and the young man has the right to refuse to have his bag searched without a warrant. The policeman should be disciplined for his actions… A so wen sum a dem get shot r dem family dead unuh nuh fi seh ntn…. ole police bwoy fi ave respect fi di ute if im nuh wa get im bag search go fi di warranty…. unuh wa tek advantage a di law cause sum a unuh na mek police jus search unuh so

  10. these same police r the ones eating my tax money and kill my brothers innocently, but time is changing and the table will soon turn, let me see if they will be able to do this 10 years in the future

  11. if u knew ur rights then u would know that u r the FUCK HEAD DUPPY BAT HERE, i hope ur family falls the same situation then u may see the situation for what it is, those who feels it know. UR BIAS AND DUNCE . Jamaican Police are ineffective , incompetent and have no regards for human life, ,your are a contributory factor to this problem, because the government is the people.

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