Jamaican Men Are Great Eaters Says Kera Bling

New dancehall sensation Kera Bling has sent “tongues” wagging no pun intended after her bold declaration that Jamaican men are very fond of and good at oral bedroom activities. The sensual female deejays says a large percentage of Jamaican men who enjoy pleasing their women orally but are afraid of being shunned by their peers who are often what she describes as “hypocritical eaters”. Following the release of her raunchy new single entitled Eating Good the name Kera Bling has been popping up all over social media with many users having both good and bad to say but according to Kera Bling she is unfazed. 

“I am sure if a survey was to be done among Jamaican women it would prove that more Jamaican men love rum and raisin ice cream and that squadie was just doing the norm but simply got caught. I am a bad gyal, an independent and powerful woman so I am going to always talk my mind and the truth is Jamaican men are really great at eating many things just ask the girls out a road lol” Kera Bling Stated. 

The artiste who is based between Jamaica and The United States says she is ready to take her place as a major player in the dancehall music scene and says she plans to simply be herself. 

“Me ready to prove myself to the fans and the industry me nah guh act some new artiste wheh feel like dem more than people because without the support of both the fans and the industry an artiste cannot become and or stay successful. I am an entertainer who loves to have fun, entertain and overall I am just a people person with a pretty girl swag” stated Kera Bling. 

Currently Kera Bling is kept busy making the rounds promoting her cluster of buzzing singles including Eating Good, Independent and Shook.  

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