Jamaican Girl Cursing Man For Bring Her To McDonald’s With Coupons

DWRCL.. Sexy Jamaican girl goes Hamm cursing thirsty nigga out for bringing her to McDonald’s with coupons.

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  1. dah gyal ya a fucking idiot, she cya even talk like somebody with little sense, she lucky the yute did wah carry her out, she a talk about thirsty man, a she thirsty,somebody help her, her throat is dry………..u should be a little bit more appreciative and understanding, me nah show off but mi have mi money but believe me if i had a coupon imma gonna use it ……………

  2. model what .. is this a fucking joke or what, and what is with the constant touching of the horse hair on her head ,, it nuh luk good my gal … this dumb bitch is a poor representation of women / much less JAMAICAN bitch learn a language , don't twang , put on something decent , call up the dude and accept the coupon lunch cause I would not in my right mind spend anything much less coupon on you .. get a life and then present yourself to the public with a lot more class … here is an example … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hi5NBmAUbU

  3. Bitch first of all you look thirsty thats why niggaz is carrying you to McDonalds for a date. Not that they cant do any better, but thats all you worth! Men carry cheap bitches on cheap dates, straight up! Dude aint got time to waist, he jus tryin to hit thats all. And find a new career girl cause it aint happening! What you SHOULD do is go to school and learn a skill. Or maybe carry yo ass to the strip club cause thats all I see in your future as it is right now. Bitch you need a upgrade!

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