Jamaican artists do songs for the olympic athletes

Jamaican recording artist G Whizz is the latest in a line of recording artists to do songs dedicated to the Jamaican track and field athletes who performed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Other artists on this list include Wayne Marshall and L.A. Lewis.

Jamaican artists are usually renown for how quickly they can put together whole projects in times of extreme crisis, for example the song “Wild gilbert” by lovindeer, the hurricane had swept through the island and while many jamaicans were still only able to use battery operated radios to keep in touch with the media the song hit the scene and was a smash hit.

What is uncanny about the G whizz song however is how well the lyrics have been constructed around the events of the games, in less than two days G Whizz and his production team at Fams HOUSE Studio was able to slap together lyrics, music, recording and even a neat little video, and the song isn’t half bad either!

Source: APressJamaica


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