Jahvinci returns

Corey Todd Records recording artiste Jahvinci returned to the island on Monday after a hectic two-week trip that saw him performing at three shows on two continents.

Jahvinci performed at the Montreal Reggae Fest two weeks ago and flew from Canada to England to perform on twomajor shows.

“Montreal was sick, the show was proper, everything ah work … Montreal was mad, mad, mad, next time mi a go back, I have to have a band, because ah de so mi get the biggest forward from mi a fly from then until now,” Jahvinci said in a release.

He said the shows in England also did well. He was accompanied to England by producer-deejay Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris and road manager Omar ‘Milla 9’ Miller.

“The showswere great, there were two shows, one in London, and the other in the town of Leicester. The promotion wasn’t great for Leicester but people came out at the last minute when they realised we were really in England. At the show in Leicester, Khago go up first and do his thing, and then the people were waiting on me, and mi shell it. I was pleased because the crowd responded to everything mi voice lately. They give me forwards for the new songs mostly, a sign that they are keeping up with my career.I just came out of the Gaza but mi ting no drop, it step up more than even when mi in Gaza. Mama Love shell it, mi get a good response to In My Life, and for Draw Mi Line,” Jahvinci said.

Jahvinci thanked his fans for their unwavering support.

“I just want to big up my fans in Jamaica. Without their help, none of this would have been possible,” Jahvinci said. The singjay’s latest hit, In My Life, hit #1 on the Fiwi Choice Top Ten charts this week. Jahvinci is also booked for shows in Trinidad, Belize, and Grenada later this year.

“Right now, Europe ah ask fi me. I am getting calls from Sweden and Switzerland, and London want me to come back for next month, and they want me back.”



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