Jahmiel vs Vershon: Lyrical Battle 2017

Earlier this week dancehall recording artiste Vershon released a new single titled “Too Young” which took shots at Alkaline. The line in question refers to Alkaline’s single “Extra Lesson.” “Mi a get gal from mi poor a no true riches / talk bout say them a teach lesson them a teach pure foolishness.”. A few days later, Jahmiel dropped a diss track titled “Too Dumb,” responding to Vershon.

“Can’t say yo too young cuz man young and rich so yo shoulda do the same youth / Some of them young and fool / The great man young and rule / Can’t say yo hot because yo career turn down and cool / But all now him can’t see it him is a stubborn mule,” Jahmiel deejay.

Since then, both artiste has been in a lyrical battle, check out the singles below:

Jahmiel “Too Dumb” vs Vershon “Chihuahua”, Jahmiel vs Vershon Diss War, Jahmiel – Too Dumb (Vershon Diss), Vershon – Chihuahua (Jahmiel Diss), Jahmiel “Bad Dawg” Coming Soon, Vershon “Guard Dawg” Coming Soon,

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