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Dancehall recording artiste Jahmiel brings the feel-good vibe to “All The Girls” that never sell out, a tribute to all ladies, produced by Zimi Entertainment.

In the Icey Jace-directed visual, popular YouTubers Gio and Ken goes on a date to various location while the Gain The World singer assist the couple with ice cream and bartend.

Dah love yah set a way,
Becah’ di day just start and girl yuh make mi day
Mi have yuh inna mi heart and it will never fade,
Cah mi see yuh pon mi worst and mi better days
Suh mi will never stray,
Make me tell yuh sum else,
Yuh body good enuh girl nuh need nothing else,
You a di light a mi world and girl evident

Check out behind the scene footage courtesy of Icey Jace.

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