If the name, Jahazeil Myrie, is not yet ringing in your ears it’s only a matter of time the whole world will be standing on its feet whenever he performs.

This dancehall reggae singjay is quietly carving a name for himself despite his father, Buju Banton’s fame as an international reggae star with multiple awards, including the prestigious Grammy for his album, Before The Dawn.

At 23, the well-built, dark skin Jahazeil, projecting an image of strength and confidence, easily reminds one of the late  American civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, who preached against inequality and injustice. But, for Jahazeil, his big song, Keep Strong, is climbing fast to becoming a lyrical medicine for the depressed, disenchanted and neglected.

‘If I should describe my music in two words, it would be,  “lyrical medicine” because my songs have healing powers, “Many people have testified being strengthened by the power of my music it’s (music) for those struggling with problems and don’t even want to reveal them”, he says.

With two solid full-page stories in one of the island’s premier newspapers, the young Buju (as he is sometimes referred to) has become one of the new craze in reggae dancehall platforms. This has led to several overseas producers trying to woo him to their labels, while Africa, now a promising market for reggae music, is toasting many of his over 30 songs. These include Keep Strong (Grinch Records), At My Door, (a collaboration with Spragga Benz RedSquare Production), and Best of Me (Markus Records).

Born in Havendale, one of Kingston’s quite upscale communities, he recalled being influenced by his father’s music.

His first song, Jah Mi Seh was released on the Pay Day label. This, he says, is a song encouraging people to pray and believe in God. 

His musical journey took him to several studios including Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship where he met some of the most successful artistes including Aidonia. And, he will never do an interview without the mention of Spragga Benz whom he describes as, more than a mentor. Jahazeil’s False Pretense a collaboration with his dad is also glued to the singjay’s records of achievements. One of his most memorable performances was on his father’s Homecoming show, Long Walk To Freedom, where thousands packed the National Stadium to see one of Buju’s most sizzling performances in 2019. 

This history-making event culminated in Jahazeil’s response that, “I am amazed the fans showed me so much love snd that I was a part of history.” And so, Jahazeil, assisted by his brother, Markus, (of Markus Records) is on the threshold of greatness,

And, as the world continues to reflect on great men like Martin Luther King so too would Jahazeil want to be remembered as,” one who used his God-given talent, to make this world a better place for all mankind.

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