Jah Vinci says Bounty couldn't dis!

The ongoing feud between the Bounty Killer-led Alliance and Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire has reached overseas.

Alliance general, Bounty Killer, and members of his entourage, were reportedly involved in an altercation onstage with Portmore Empire’s ‘young gun’ Blak Ryno and singer Jah Vinci at the Bung Bang concert at Club Amaura in Queens, New York, over the weekend.

According to a source close to the Alliance, members of Bounty Killer’s entourage went onstage while Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci were performing.

“Him start sing di song (Drive Thru Price) an di man dem mek di selecta turn off di music, an dem surround Jah Vinci and Blak Ryno.” An altercation ensued, causing Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci’s set to be cut short.

When contacted, however, Jah Vinci told THE STAR that Bounty Killer had said (in a recent interview published in THE STAR), that “him did ago dis Ryno. Suh Ryno go up (onstage) an call him (Bounty Killer) name, an him couldn’t box him down as whe him did seh. Wi jus show him seh him a baby. Him (Bounty Killer) deh behind di sound a run off him mouth an den sen one bag a man up deh fi wi,” Jah Vinci said.

Following the altercation onstage, Jah Vinci said he and Ryno left the venue.

Bounty Killer spoke out against Ryno’s song in an interview published in THE WEEKEND STAR saying, “All di likkle one whe name Blak Ryno guh call my name inna song … . How him a guh talk seh Killa nuh buss nobody … . A who yuh fada (Kartel) say buss him?” said Killer, in reference to Ryno’s song titled Drive Thru Price.

Bounty Killer reportedly closed the show after the altercation onstage had been settled.

Source: JamaicaStar

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  1. now mi sure say bouty a puss.killa don’t worry kartel a go kill yu a sting.alliance a fuckry fi life di baba can go trim im killer friend.respect to killa fi bus kartel that’s the only respect mi have fi hi but him a big time pussy.gaza to the world.

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