Jack Thriller Calls Out Kevin Hart to a Rap Battle

Jack Thriller sat down with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes at the UW Battle League “High Stakes” press event for a very entertaining interview. Jack began by addressing the rumors he started (which turned out to be true) about Eminem putting together a Battle Rap reality TV show, and having Jack as the host. While it remains to be seen if Jack really is the host, Eminem and his Slaughterhouse crew have created a tournament-based reality series called, “Road to Total Slaughter,” featuring some of the most well-known names in Battle Rap. Jack’s explanation for how the rumor started was pretty funny.

He eventually moved on to discussing the UW “High Stakes” event and how excited he was to be hosting the battles. He spoke very highly of Daylyt, and called the Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don battle the “Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather of Battle Rap.” Jack also revealed that he will be working on setting up a record deal for one or more of the battlers on the “High Stakes” card, following the event.

He concluded by touching on some of his own personal business matters, and even called out Kevin Hart’s alter ego, “Chocolate Drop,” to face him in a rap battle for $50,000 in the future.

If Kevin Hart and Jack Thriller ever do exchange lyrical punches, who do you think would win?


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