Ja Rule Talks Positive Response to MTV Family Docu-Series

All of us know Ja Rule the rapper, but many of us aren’t too familiar with Jeffrey Atkins, the father, son and husband. We spoke to the Queens native in September about his new family show, Follow the Rules – an MTV docu-series revolved around his extended family – and according to him, they’ve received nothing but positive feedback since its’ first airing. “It’s all about the family for me right now. You know, I’m a family man, I’ve been a family man. But now, people get to see me in a different light,” Ja told us during a recent visit to our offices.

“I think it’s the energy that you put out there is the energy you’re gonna get back,’ he continued on in regards to the reactions he’s heard about the show. “And my show is nothing but positive energy, it’s a fun show and that’s been the energy we’ve been getting back so far…I’m happy.”

Watch and listen as he explains how his family deals with critics and why Follow the Rules is in no way, shape of form going to be another negative reality show up top.

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