The words alone speak volumes, it tingles the itch of curiosity to find out what it is, to know what it sounds like. PayDay Music knows presenting the undeniable Real Reggae Riddim.

As their 1st official release of 2012, PayDay delivers a riddim of inspiration for what is to come in Reggae and Dancehall. Grammy award winning Austin “PayDay” Green remarks, “The music needs a change, the younger Jamaicans don’t seem to have a sense of where the music comes from. I wanted to create something for everyone.”

Real Reggae Riddim features a well arranged selection of 15 tracks and a collection of artist from Bounty Killa to Capleton, Mavado to Sahie, Raine Seville to Kym Hamilton. When questioned about the artist picked to voice, PayDay comments, “it’s a whole generational mix across the board, this riddim leaves no one out, experienced artist to up & coming, Reggae to Dancehall.” Real Reggae Rididm is primed to capture the listeners within the 1st few chords, from Beres Brown’s soul stirring “Who Can I Trust” to the socially conscious “Be On Alert” from Bounty Killa and Wayne Marshall or the missing you feelings of Natalie Storms’ “I Ain’t Missing You“, it truly gives something for everyone.

While awaiting the digital release, PayDay has decided to premiere the riddim on limited edition creating a internet buzz. With over 8,000 views (in 2 days) on Mavado & Raine Seville’s “Cheating Games“, viral promoter, Krish Genius, has received such an overwhelming amount of responses to Real Reggae selections on YouTube, he hasn’t been able to keep up with comments & replies.

The riddim embodies every aspect of Reggae while filling the listener full of vibes and bringing the diversity of Dancehall juggling, each artist lends their own lyrical stories, creating one “real reggae riddim”.

As one fan simply states “NOW THIS? IS REAL REGGAE..MAAAAD.” Yes it is.

Complete Tracklisting:
Ginjah – Two Faces
Gappy Ranks – Why
Beres Brown – Who Can I Trust (Only God)
Kym Hamilton – When We’re Apart
Teflon – The Same Thing
Capleton – Tek It To The Heights
Iyara – Something For Mama
Sahie – Same Mouth
Bling Dawg & Lukie D – Jah I Will Never
Natalie Storm – I An’t Missing You
Fantan Mojah – Hustling Affi Gwan
Lutan Fyah – Ghetto Living
Mavado & Rain Seville – Cheating Games
Marlon Binns – Can’t Take IT No More (Tyad Of Being Poor)
Bounty Killer & Wayne Marshall – Be On The Alert

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