Island Shakes x Venue launch

Just a few clips from the recent island shakes Venue launch at Ambassadors bar and grill on near the U.S embassy.

Shot and edited by
Adam Cummings
Twitter – @Adam_mings
IG – Cummings_fast15


Island Shakes is a prolific milkshake brand that can be incorporated with any Pastry or Chocolate line. The brand has an increasing popularity on the Social Network Twitter where we interact with our customers on a personal perspective.

Our Milkshake portfolio may involve Oreo Milkshakes, Black forest, Cappuccino, and Cheesecake Milkshakes just to name a few.

Now, we invite everyone to join our happy moment as not only will you be able to enjoy our mixes at events but also on a regular basis with or without an event happening

please to like and share our location info:

[Twitter: @Ambassadorbar1]

Facebook page:

and also our info:

fan page:

[@IslandShakesJa ]


Contact Information:

• Peta-Gay Merrick (General Manager): (876) 787-4439

• Kristofferson Nunes (CEO & Brand Manager ) : (876) 287-1858

• Andre Blake (Marketing & Sales manager): (876) 422-5378

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