Island Mas Jamaica's Official & Original Water Party

“The Official and Original Water Party” hosted annually by Island Mas Jamaica guarantees non-stop entertainment on the night of Saturday the 10th of April.

“The Official and Original Water Party” hosted annually by Island Mas Jamaica guarantees non-stop entertainment on the night of Saturday the 10th of April.

The event boasts a four year reputation that surpasses itself each year, so one will always wonder, what will they think of next, or how will they out do themselves again? As all our patrons know, you have to see it and feel it for yourself. Words do an event such as “The Official and Original Water Party”, absolutely no justice.

The promoters of Island Mas Jamaica are quite concerned about the people of the country; mainly the corporate area and the issues facing them. Faced with a severe drought across the corporate area, the promoters of “The official and Original Water Party” have been encouraged to employ creative strategies to ensure another successful staging.

Andrew Bellamy, a director of Island Mas Jamaica stated with strong conviction” We are cognizant of the difficulties facing the NWC and residents of the corporate area and as such recognized from early that we would have to shift the focus from a heavy dependency on water. We have, therefore, expanded on other areas such as entertainment acts, venue, food and bar services to provide a heightened level of satisfaction.”

The question still remains though, will there be water?

“Yes, this has always been our main concept and is the reason we have garnered the support of our patrons” said Mr. Bellamy. “However, we have gone out of town and purchased water from a private source owned by Matrix Engineering so as not to impact upon the NWC sources. We have also reduced the quantity of water this year by 50% and it will be trucked in from the privately owned location. We have taken extensive care to ensure that we will not be causing any kind of deprivation to residents of the corporate area and would like to emphasize that we have maintained a high level of responsibility in dealing with this sensitive issue. While there will still be the use of water, albeit in reduced quantities, patrons can rest assured that this won’t be negatively impacting on our present water crisis”.

There you have it, directly from your trusted promoters of Island Mas Jamaica, “The Official and Original Water Party” promises to be completely entertaining, with the salient points to ensure that their patrons are satisfied without being inconvenienced and the corporate area as a whole is not deprived of the scarce resources they have available to them.

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