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Known for the immensely popular WATER Party, ISLAND MAS JAMAICA has carved its own niche in the rapidly expanding Carnival market by creating new and fun filled events that appeal to a wide cross section of the Jamaican populace. This year ISLAND MAS JAMAICA marks its fifth anniversary with its presentation – THE ELEMENTS!

Managing Director, Andrew Bellamy, said the theme THE ELEMENTS was chosen to celebrate “the very foundations of creation and life which are Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and of course Soca”. For Bellamy “just as ancient myths and theories tell us that the Spirits were sent to the Earth to combine the elements for the existence of humankind, ISLAND MAS has pledged to use the five elements to ensure that patrons are transported to a new dimension of soca loving existence.”

ISLAND MAS JAMAICA’s 2011 presentation of THE ELEMENTS will offer a six-week high-energy experience, starting the March 12, 2011 at Cuddyz New Kingston. People can expect to be “scorched” by the newest soca music from resident deejay, Dj Billy, with the likes of, Richie Ras, DJ Narity, Sanjay from Coppershot, DJ Firestarter and Kurt Riley, slated to make appearances. The Grouping will also celebrate soca on the UWI Ring Road, mystify the ladies with Hard wine: Girl Fever; glorify earth at their first ever J’ouvert party, and culminate in the celebration of water at the highly-anticipated WATER Party on April 30th. Please visit them on Facebook and Twitter for more details:

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