Kingston, Jamaica: Sanjay’s new single “Harder They Fall” that is catching on and doing well on the airwaves, with hard-hitting lyrics seems to be throwing jabs at a certain popular dancehall artiste, namely Vybz Kartel.

It has been asked if Sanjay has something against the popular artiste whose name was mentioned in the first verse of the song saying “Me bad like Kartel and Eminem in him prime”. The hard-hitting lyrics of the song may suggest a certain amount of rivalry or resentment for someone. With lines like “A no punch line dat, no da line deh tickle. every mickle mek a muckle, but you still nuh have a nickle cause da song deh couldn’t sell (cell) if it sickle!” it is no wonder why it may be suggesting a contention of some sorts.

When asked about a possible rivalry Sanjay responded “There is absolutely no rivalry or contention between myself and Kartel! The only reason I chose to even mention his name is because he and Eminem (also mentioned) are my two favorite lyricists from their respective genres and being a lyrical song, I just used a reference to two of the best to make a point. I have nothing but respect for Vybz Kartel.”

The song released exclusively to fans on facebook on Monday, August 1, 2011, has been in rotation both locally and internationally mainly in the United States and the UK. Media in the UK expressed their liking to the track based on its relevance to the UK riots which took place a little over a week ago. There seems to be a lot more in the pipelines for the new single as Sanjay touts, “I’m extremely happy that the song is catching on because there is much more to come and it’s going to be HARDER!”

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