Irish Stu Episode 4: Jamaicans on a Plane (August 2014) Jamaican Cartoon

In this episode we continue off from Eps3 with the Jamaican Taxi plane on the journey to new york. On the plane there is an attempted hijack as depicted by (Mike Yard….Air Jamaica), the hijacking however failed because you can’t hijack a Jamaican cause we too bad. The Pilot(Driver) comes out to bad up the hijackers and with no one flying the plane it starts crashing.. Next thing we see a transition to a weed wackier man cutting grass and this sound is actually what triggers the sleeping man in his room to wake up and all that plane stuff was a dream he was having… Next thing we follow the weed wacker and he meets up with his girl and they were fooling around under a tree and he cracks a joke about is she gets pregnant to leave it to the man above and chronixx jumps out the tree and say here comes trouble lol and leaves…
Next thing we see Professor nuts a watch and video everything inna one old buss, he is actually stalking the weed wacker girlfriend cause a miss Kitty hairdresser and him fall in love wid har. , So Professor Nut upload the video him take on fi ruin the girl reputation cause him cya get her…
We also see two of Portmore National Bird (Mosquitoes) a sing say them love fluffy girls and spot miss Kitty suh them deal wid har good.. and a suh Miss kitty loose suh much weight now lol haha.
Next thing we go back to the sleeping youth still nuh wake out of his bed, Him a pree facebook and thing an see say buss fare a raise again and a bag a things and all that school kids might have to start bring buckets to school.. he imagines this and then him say him ago listen Radio fi clear him mind so he turns on zip and a the suicidal artist that on it haha… Episode done and thing mad..

Ps: I just wrote this description on spot and ain’t nobody got time to reread and make sure its good lol

Chronixx – Here comes trouble, Professor Nuts – Inna the Buss, Mr killa – Rolly Polly, Expendables 3 Edited trailer

Assistant writer:
Michelee Young

Mike Yard, RadekalEPIC, Kadeen, Michelee, James, T-Mac, Dj Romaine, kevin2wokrayzee

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