“Onton” Mitchell, born March 18th, 1987 in Downtown, Kingston, Jamaica, signifies the sophisticated emulsion of a contemporary reap of Jamaica’s most talented musicians. He symbolizes a new generation of music which he creates through his emotions and his knowledge being present in the music industry. Onton’s versatile thinking helps him to write flexible lyrics from grimy to prescribe, to suit all age and listeners, which is sure to contribute fame and gratitude which he deserves.


Onton’s journey in music started immediately after he left high school, where he instantly went into the field of engineering. While working he learnt from some of Jamaica’s top engineers such as “Bulby”, “Shane Brown” and “Bobby Digital.” Soon after Onton started his own label “Versatyle C&M” which is now signed to Star Kutt Records. During his voyage in music Onton has worked with Demarco, Konshens, Daville, Voicemail and almost the entire music industry, from mixing, production to engineering.

Onton, met Demarco(Star Kutt Recording Artiste) 3 years after starting his career, this is where he learnt keyboard, drum-machine and increased his knowledge in engineering. Now becoming a part of Star Kutt Family Onton worked beside Demarco where they created hits such as “standing soldier”, “love a come down”, “I need a roof”, “Premium Riddim” and “Big League Riddim “(which was a major hit in Europe).

After years working in the music industry, Onton was inspired by Demarco, which he adapted skills to create his own arrangements, melodies and write his own songs, although his true love still lies in engineering, Onton posses the talent to sing and deejay, which is portrayed through his collaborations with Demarco, Konshens and Voice Mail, currently working with top names in Jamaican music producers such as Ward 21 Music, T.J.Records, Head Concussion records, his own in house producer family Demarco (Star Kutt Records) and other local producers. He is amongst the lineup of new talent with his echelon of music capability in so many areas of music, Onton is certain to be a major role model whose ideas are sure to entertain and elevate.

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