January 31, 2011: The name Mz Vodka Entertainment, is the synergy of the word vodka, a premium liquor usually associated with a free spirited nature, also known for its diversity and Mz (Miss) usually used to show respect or sophistication. Hence Mz Vodka aims to give an elite flare to the entertainment industry particularly the party scene. We aim to be more than just promotional girls; we also wish to keep events. Right now our main focus is doing promotions for existing groups or companies to gain exposure before keeping our own events.

The service offered at Mz Vodka Entertainment includes:

  • Street Promotions
  • If event/company, fliers and/or promotional shirts are given, fliers would be issued to the general public to promote awareness of product/service. Fliers will be issued in an area to which the prospective clientele will be readily available.

  • Event Coverage
  • Members the group will attend events for a company/business, and uploaded on various websites or social network.

  • Extras for music videos or commercials
  • In the event that extras are needed for a commercial or music video. Members will be said extra, whether it is a dance routine or to portray a main character.

  • Ticket sales
  • If tickets are required to be sold, the member of the group will earnestly sell those tickets are it is from the sale of tickets that rakes in revenue for events.

  • Bartending or Modeling
  • If the necessary training is issued we will do bartending at various events, to keep patrons completely satisfied. Currently we are not trained to mix liquor but with the proper training we are the best.
    We will also do modeling for events or companies.

    Contact Mz Vodka Entertainment Promotional Group:
    Email: mz_vodka123@yahoo.com
    Call: 1876-560-4768

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