Introducing: BSR Productions @BSRproductions

Boogs Sound Record Productions (BSR Productions) is a production house owned and operated by Andrew – Glen Anderson otherwise known as Boogs.

BSR Productions offers services such as audio recording for commercials, party promos, town criers etc.

Boogs who is an audio engineer by profession has been in the industry for over 6 years and has the knowledge and experience to provide customers with the best quality in sound production.

BSR Productions also provide music production, professional voicing, mixtape intros, remixes and many other audio editing services. Our aim is to provide quality and efficient service to our customers by dealing with every customer according to their needs and having first-hand knowledge of what they require.

BSR is uniquely talented as we have an array of members with multi-faceted skills within the company. For services we do not offer, we do referrals such as bookings for DJ’s etc. We want our customers to feel comfortable when they utilize the services of BSR because we pride ourselves with offering: QUALITY!.

“BSR Productions(Boogs Sound Record Productions) Quality, Originality And Superiority!”

Contact us:
Telephone #: (876)-784-4802
Facebook: BSR Productions
Twitter: Follow @BSRproductions


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