(INTERVIEW) Alborosie says he owes his success to Bob Marley.

During an interview with Oufah Media & Production On April 9th one day before his south American tour, The 2011 Reggae Mobo award winner Alborosie; made it clear that he owes his success to the late great BOB MARLEY.

The Jamaican based singer continue by saying that “Bob Marley is the King of reggae and that he had paved the way for many Jamaican/ not just artist but the people them self and without Bob he would probably be back in Italy or somewhere else in the world but not in Jamaica. When ask which of BOB songs is his favorite he replied “I LOVE ALL BOB”s Music but if i should choose it has to be more than one, he listed 5 and even sing a chorus of Buffalo soldier dub plate style, by saying “Buffalo soldier Alborosie inna Jamaica”!!

ALBOROSIE – is encouraging all Jamaicans to go out and be apart of the Bob Marley Movie Premiere which will take place on Thursday April 19th @ the emancipation Park in New Kingston Jamaica, starting 7pm, he added this is a historical moment and i think all Jamaicans should be apart of such event ; Rasta and Non Rasta…. Bob would love us to Unite – ONE LOVE

For more on Alborosie visit www.facebook.com/ALBOROSIE

**Alborosie South American Tour**

12.04.12 LIMA (Peru) / Centro de Convenciones Embarcadero 41
14.04.12 SANTIAGO DE CHILE (Chile) / Chimkowe — Festival Siempre Vivo Reggae 15.04.12 BUENOS AIRES (Argentina) / Niceto
16.04.12 BUENOS AIRES (Argentina) / Niceto
18.04.12 MAR DE PLATA ( Argentina) / Abbey Road
20.04.12 CORDOBA (Argentina) / La Vieja Usina
21.04 12 SAN LUIS (Argentina) / Palacio de los Deportes
22.04.12 ROSARIO (Argentina) / Pugliese
27.04.12 BELEM (Brasil) / Parque dos Igarapes
28.04.12 FORTALEZA (Brasil) / Barraca Biruta
29.04.12 SAO LUIS (Brasil) / Trapiche
05.05.12 MARACAY (Venezuela) / Parque Carlos Raul Villanueva — Festival Full Reverberancia




SOURCE: www.oufahmedia.com – Oufah Media & Production

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