Kingston, Jamaica – Jamaican produced and aired across ten countries in the Caribbean, the LIME/BlackBerry IN THE DANCE has risen to meteoric popularity – and only in its second season.

IN THE DANCE is presented in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines, the British Virgin Islands, St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla and St Maarten (Dutch). In addition to being the first Caribbean TV show to be syndicated across the Caribbean, it will also be the 1st to be broadcast internationally through its partnership with France’s second most popular music station, Trace TV.

Locally, the show has risen to be the most watched television show in its timeslot. This means that more Jamaicans are watching IN THE DANCE than any other television programme which is broadcast in its timeslot (free to air and cable). The show is aired on Television Jamaica (TVJ) in a partnership with the RJR Communications Group that also sees behind-the-scenes footage being aired on sister cable network RE-TV

Co-executive producer of the programme, Chez Gayle said that the achievement is something that the entire production team is proud of.

“This kind of achievement, especially in just our second season, makes all of us at 21 Entertainment and IN THE DANCE very proud. It’s an accomplishment that everyone had a part to play in, from our script writers to the stage managers to our cameramen and most of all our talented dancers and artistes that grace the set and stage every week.”

Odessa Chambers, IN THE DANCE‘s Associate and Talent producer, was also elated by the news and expressed great thanks to the artistes and dancers that make the show entertaining.

“One of the things we are particularly happy about is the exposure our culture is getting. We have a lot of young, emerging artistes performing and doing their thing on the programme as well as our dancers who are being exposed not just to their usual viewing audience, but across the island, region and the world,” Chambers commented.

She also said that the remainder of the season increases in intensity and entertainment value.

“The dance clashes especially get really hot and intense, and the performances get more explosive. Overall, IN THE DANCE becomes more enjoyable to watch,” she said.

The show’s premier sponsor, LIME, through their regional special projects manager Stephen Price said that now more than ever, LIME is proud to be a part of the IN THE DANCE movement.

“We associate ourselves with winning products and projects, and knew that IN THE DANCE would be a sure hit. Now that it’s number one in Jamaica, we’re looking forward to seeing the show expand even more, especially as the show is rolled out in other Caribbean markets.” Price remarked.

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