Ijahvan’s “World Is In Trouble” Music Video More Relevant Than Ever

With Covid 19 cases surging daily, many musical pundits are now saying that the powerful message that was skillfully crafted by fast-rising reggae artiste IJahvan in his hit single entitled World Is In Trouble is more relevant now than ever.

The artiste who has been traveling the world reaping the rewards of the charting success of his break-out single (World Is In Trouble) is living proof that an upcoming artiste can gain traction with positive content. According to Ijahvan our nation needs prayer and unity in these critical times but believes we can rise stronger as a nation over time. 

“This pandemic has forced us to become more resourceful as many people have lost their main source of income and or lost their breadwinners in this fight however we are a strong nation and I believe we will rebuild even stronger as long as we learn critical life lessons from all of this. Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, love your brother, and unite for the common goal of success. The World Is In Trouble is more relevant than ever so I encourage anyone who has never taken the time out to listen to that song to go and do so now” Stated Ijahvan.   

Born Esworth Marshall IJahvan is currently promoting the first single off his upcoming EP which will feature seven tracks with a melting pot of sounds from the young reggae warrior. IJahvan says his musical mission is to contribute great music and add to the culture that our forefathers created by awakening a level of consciousness among the youth that will inspire them to be of great value to themselves and our society.

“Me deh yah pon a mission and it haffi complete. I am not here to judge di youths, I am here to enlighten, entertain and be a positive example to the youths of today and tomorrow” Stated Ijahvan.

 Currently, Ijahvan is working with Jetset studios/koncept, Lion Melta, Karl Durrant, SSC and Scheme Unit as his production team.

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