Ijahvan Tackles Social and Spiritual Issues In Demon Music Video

International recording artiste Ijahvan has released another lyrically potent and relevant single entitled, “Demon”. The song which was released with the accompanying music video on September 13, 2021 on all digital platforms is the follow-up single to his break-out track “The Word Is In Trouble” which charted in Jamaica, Europe, and in the USA respectively.

According to Ijahvan he is very optimistic about the chances of this single becoming a hit because of how relevant the message is to society at this time. 

“This song is soul food and as such I am hopeful that this song will reach to millions of ears worldwide because it explains everything the world needs to know about the current state of our realm spiritually, economically and morally. The production quality is also very solid which makes it a great listen so as long as the industry supports this track it should do very well because my fans are giving me great feedback so as long as it gets justice it will be a major hit, no doubt” Stated Ijahvan.   

Born Esworth Marshall IJahvan is currently promoting his second single off his upcoming EP which will feature seven tracks with a melting pot of sounds from the young reggae warrior. IJahvan says his musical mission is to contribute great music and add to the culture that our forefathers created by awakening a level of consciousness among the youth that will inspire them to be of great value to themselves and our society.

The work never stops and as my audience grows so does the workload and expectations which I am mentally prepared to deal with. Its about being consistent and persistent with music that the world will find appealing which is what I try to do every time i step into the studio. I know the gun lyrics, degrading content  and mix up ting give you a fast buzz but that never lasts and more importantly is not what i am about suh me just a gwaan do the good music and mek di fans dem gwaan trod with me on my rise to greatness” Stated Ijahvan. 

Currently, Ijahvan is working with Jetset studios/koncept, Lion Melta, Karl Durrant, SSC and Scheme Unit as his production team.

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