Iba Mahr Talks Diamond Sox

Reggae musician Iba Mahr talks his 15 track debut album ‘Diamond Sox,’ with Winford Williams of Onstage TV.

Diamond Sox debut at no. 4 on the iTunes Reggae Chart and features top reggae acts such as Capelton, Jah 9, Tarrus Riley and Dean Fraser. The album is largely produced by Ball Rollling Music and distributed by New York-based VPAL.

In a recent interview with The Observer, was quoted:

“This project represents me in more than one way. I grew up with my grandparents, and my grandfather owned a sound system. Our yard therefore was like the headquarters with music always playing. That introduced me to the whole culture,” Iba Mahr recalled. “One of the things I grow come see is my father and grandfather getting dressed for dance in them diamond socks, Clarks, mesh ‘merina’ and Arrow shirts. This for me represented a unwritten code and standard of sound system culture as well as my introduction to the type of music of which I now write and sing. It also showcases what I am capable of doing and how I live my life,”

“I want a situation where people can connect with the album and relate to the tracks, so we spent time putting the 16 tracks together. I can’t say I have any special songs on the album. People are familiar with Diamond Sox, the single, but we have songs like Altar which is a special expression of my faith and what I defend,” he said. “Fame In Our Court is a song featuring Jah9 that is a really touching song. It has a kinda R&B/ neo-soul vibe. It really shows the flipside of Iba Mahr and Jah9. She is a very spiritual person and people expect her to be very militant and political, but this a real love song.”

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