'I WON'T ANSWER BEENIE' – Kartel says he has no time for a feud with 'The Doc'

Deejay Vybz Kartel says he will not be responding lyrically to recent comments and a song from veteran deejay Beenie Man.

Beenie Man appeared on Nationwide 90 FM’s ‘Ragashanti Live!’ last week and previously recorded a song but what seemed like a brewing feud between him and Kartel appears to have sizzled out. According to Kartel, he will not be addressing the ‘The Doctor’ lyrically as he has no time for a feud with him.

Vybz Kartel (left) and Beenie Man

It was being said that Kartel alongside Portmore Empire member, Popcaan, had performed a song directed at Beenie Man last week at his Street Vybz Thursday at the Building, New Kingston.

However, when asked about the song, Kartel responded, “No, me nuh have no energy to waste on negativity. Me nuh have nuh time fi folly nor frivolous activity. Right now, I’m working on my new album which will be released in April. Me nuh have time fi idlers.”

Beenie and Kartel’s friction became public recently when Kartel released a song on ZJ Chrome’s ‘Dancehall EFX’ rhythm called Dancehall Hero, to which Beenie responded on the same rhythm with his ‘correction’ called Father God Help Him. Speaking on Ragashanti’s show Beenie said that he felt disrespected by Kartel through the song and other things. In yesterday’s STAR, however, he commented that despite everything he still supports the ‘Gaza’.

Beenie said, “even though mi have a problem with Kartel, I still say Gaza because I rate talent. I don’t know him as a person, mi nah stop sey Gaza because mi and him inna one little ting. What him waan do wid fi him life, ah just fi him ting dat, every man have a right to decide fi him own destiny. From mi rate yuh, mi rate yuh.”

In the meantime, Kartel says he is busy working on his latest album slated for release in April. He said, “its a album produced by myself and Dreskull of Mixpak Records. It features Kartel and the Gaza government.”

More is also in the works for Kartel as he said, “we just released the ‘S-Class’ rhythm… I just completed the Cakesoap video and the Yeah Though I video, the latter will premiere tonight on ER. And the Cakesoap video will be released next week, both directed by Kirk Lee.”

The deejay went on to further say that he will be appearing on a number of upcoming shows in cluding …” Browns Town on Christmas Eve, Mobay on New Year’s Eve and Anguilla and St Martin on the 27th and 28th respectively.”

Source: jamaica-star


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