I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors are known to create, produce, perform and live roots reggae music. They pass the spirit of reggae music on to everyone willing to listen, may it be on the radio, online, on TV or when I-Cient-Cy’s live performance connects with the minds and hearts of his audience. Positive messages, Rastafari livity and a deep love for Jamaica and the struggle of the people inspires the music of I-Cient-Cy Mau and his band who sing and perform songs such as “Struggle”, “Works To Do”, “Jah Blessing” and “When Words Come to Life”, the title track of their debut album, available on the website www.icientcymau.com for every reggae fan and music lover around the world.

I-Cient-Cy Mau

“We Are From Trench Town” is another significant track off the album as I-Cient-Cy shares Trench Town as a home with reggae legends such as Bob Marley, Pete Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. Trench Town, undoubtedly the cradle of reggae music has a certain atmosphere and mystic, inspiring many great musicians. I-Cient-Cy manages to translate life and spirit of Trench Town into his music, creating his songs that speak to many in Trench Town, Jamaica and every corner of the globe.

In his music I-Cient-Cy praises the beauty and strength of women with songs such as “Empress” and speaks of his beliefs in Rastafari Livity and the perfect balance of Haile Selassie I the first, and H.I.H Empress Menen. By recently joining the Twelve Tribes I-Cient-Cy Mau has taken another step in his commitment to Rastafari Livity, but even before the power of his beliefs and the notions of Rastafari Livity were intrinsic to his music and his lyrics.

I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors have brought joy to their fans with recent performances at the Haile Selassie Coronation Anniversary, The Trench Town Muzik Festival and the Bob Marley 66th Earthstrong Concert, just to name a few and the artiste and his band are eager to spread their music, love and messages further and perform everywhere Jah guides them to. As the artiste himself says, “We move with the spirit of Reggae“ and reggae music is indeed a powerful instrument that speaks to the people anywhere in the world. I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors are ready to answer the call for more authentic roots reggae! More reggae to the world!

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