I-CIENT-CY MAU Joins the Twelve Tribes

I-Cient-Cy Mau has taken another step into keeping the spirit of Rastafari alive in himself and his music by officially joining the house of Twelve Tribes.

I-Cient-Cy has been Rasta for over 30 years and he says that “ it’s a honor and privilege to be apart of the great GAD MAN & BELCHER vision for the future of Rastafari from that time until now. InI Itribution to the Twelve Tribes of Israel is to build a stronger unity, oneness, growth and awareness to the livity of Rastafari.”


The spirit and doctrine of Rastafari is an intrinsic part of his music and lyrics. Spirituality, purpose and positivity are united in the authentic roots reggae music of I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors, who are set to start a new great era in reggae music and bringing back the spirit to roots reggae. Becoming a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel is of great significance to the artiste, who says: “It’s a great feeling to be a member of the Twelve Tribes, and the difference it makes to InI is both a spiritual, and personal unity within the oneness of RastafarI.”

The Twelve Tribes, one of the most prominent houses of Rastafari, were founded in Kingston by Vernon Carrington aka “Gad Man” and today spans globally with members around the world. Much of the international visibility of Rastafar is due to the impact of reggae music and especially Bob Marley popularized Rastafari and through his lyrics passed on many ideas and beliefs of the Twelve Tribes, of which he was probably the most prominent member.

Just like Bob Marley, I-Cient-Cy Mau got his start in Trench Town, the cradle of reggae music in Jamaica and he is keen to keep the traditions of authentic reggae music from Trench Town alive. Just like Bob Marley he has now also joined the Twelve Tribes. This important decision will surely reflect in the artistes music and his solid spirituality is already reflected in his latest work, the album “When Words Come To Live”, an outstanding reggae experience for all music lovers, recorded with live instruments at the legendary Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

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