I-Cient-Cy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors Continuing the Musical Tradition of Trench Town

Reggae artiste I-Cient-Cy Mau and his band, the Mau Mau Warriors are continuing the great tradition of reggae music from Trench Town. Trench Town, ever since Bob Marley’s rise to an international icon and the king of reggae music, has been synonymous with outstanding musical talent as the birthplace of reggae music.

With a legacy to uphold inherited from the great Wailers, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer I-Cint-Cy is one of the artistes born in Trench Town who produces real reggae music with an authentic feel, lyrics and spirit.

When asked about Trench Town, I-Cient-Cy’s smile gets brighter

” Trench Town is InI life blood, from Columbus Road to 13th Street. InI love Trench Town. InI a forward the great muzikal works just like Bob and everyone that make Trench Town this muzikal place that the World loves!!!!”

I-Cient-Cy and the Mau Mau Warriors bring you reggae music you will feel in your soul – and they let the music do the talking. Entitled “When Words Come To Life” the brand new album embodies exactly this attitude. The music speaks for itself and you will hear the message and feel the music. The album is a joy to listen to for any music lover and one of the tracks, “We Are From Trench Town” pays tribute to and also paints a vivid picture of Trench Town.

Currently I-Cient-Cy and the Mau Mau Warriors are rehearsing to hit the road, perform and spread their music and message across the globe. For more info, music and videos as well as to order the new album please check out the website www.icientcymau.com

LYRICS FOR I-Cient-Cy and the Mau Mau Warriors – We Are From Trench Town



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