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(Kingston, Jamaica):- Moving from the signature blue to an elegant violet, guests will be able to ‘live louder’ when the vibrant Hpnotiq Harmonie is launched at the Fiction Night Club on Wednesday, September 28.

In June, the new violet addition to the Hpnotiq line was revealed to the world. It was officially launched in July at one of New York’s top night clubs with Khloe Kardashian as host and celebrity guests such as reality television stars Jonathan Cheban and Kelly Bensimon, as well as former NFL player Hank Baskett in attendance.

With Lascelles Limited as local distributors, Jamaicans will get up close and personal with Hpnotiq Harmonie, when the product invades Brand New Machine at Fiction Night Club, Marketplace, St Andrew, this Wednesday, starting at 10 p.m. While being classy and drinking from champagne flutes, guests are encouraged to ‘live louder’.

For the launch party that is expected to be attended by entertainers, socialites and media, the expectations are quite high.

“Hpnotiq has been loved by Jamaicans and the world for many years. It has done very well worldwide, and it’s now time to give our Jamaican consumers variety in the form of the Hpnotiq Harmonie, which has already been launched in other parts of the world. Jamaica finally gets its chance to ‘Live Louder’. This Wednesday promises to be a culmination of Jamaica’s dancehall trendiness with a touch of international pizzazz,” said Andre Cowan, Marketing Manager for Lascelles Wines & Spirits.

Hpnotiq Harmonie is a refreshing blend of premium French vodka, infused natural fruits, flowers and a touch of Cognac. Hpnotiq Harmonie’s vibrant violet color and delicious blend of infused berries, violets, and lavender sets it apart from the original we all love. Although different, this violet liqueur has the same elegant appeal that can be found in the original signature, blue-coloured Hpnotiq.

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