How To Tell A Guy You’re Pregnant @JerryLaVigneJr

Dear alive person, how are you? Im doing fine as fuucckk…this video is a helpful healthy piece of RIPshit video footage regarding a women of the feminine version presenting information of impregnation to the male species in a manner that is not her being… a dumb bitch! ….ohh dont curse jerrryy…and if you have kids you probably didnt give a fuck how you told the guy but I want the “un-pregnanted” (dont think its a word) vaginas to try to keep the guy around by speaking with consideration and vice versa for the men an shit…had to say men too cuz women will start bitchin when all the blame seems to be placed on them exclusively…*sigh* …anyway wtf yall saying in the comments below an shit? …anybody trippin? …of course …Tell em go masturbate and take a nap! #RIPshit

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