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At the annual Consumer Electronics Show held recently at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, the Marleys launched the House Of Marley range of audio products.

In interviews with TechWeb TV and Buy TV, Rohan Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, spoke about some of the products that are available under the House Of Marley brand.

Rohan Marley

A variety of audio products will be available, including boom boxes, docking stations, earbuds and headphones.

“We’re launching the collection of three different variations. We have ‘Jamming’, we have ‘Freedom’, and we have ‘Destiny’,” said Marley, about the headphones.

He continued, “Jamming is geared towards the younger generation, the younger ‘gongs’ as you would say, yuh nuh. Freedom is more like a lifestyle and designer-influence you know, and then Destiny is what we would consider premium as far as the studio, the DJs, stuff that the guys that produce music would work with.”

What makes the House Of Marley products unique, according to Marley, is that they are all made using environmentally friendly materials.


“What makes us unique, is that we want to adhere to the principles of sustainability, eco-friendly, and being waste-conscious, doing the things that will give back to the earth. So we try to use aluminium, recyclable plastic, leather, canvas, hemp, things that relate to Mother Earth. Recyclable, reusable, that’s our mission,” said Marley.

Education of the younger generation is also one of their focus.

“Why we gear towards the younger gongs? Because we want the younger gongs to also become waste-conscious, socially aware of what’s going on in the environment,” he said.

The House Of Marley products will all be available by the second-half of this year and part proceeds of the sales will go to the One Love charity.

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