Holmwood bus crash driver turns himself in

THE driver of the minibus which crashed at Bryce Hill, near Christiana in Manchester yesterday, causing the death of four persons including three students from the Holmwood Technical High School has turned himself in to the Mandeville Police.

He was was accompanied by his lawyer.

He will now be interviewed by investigators from the Division.

the students have been identified as Vanessa Buckle, 18, of Stettin District, Albert Town; Lyonisa Whyte, 17, also of Stettin; and 17-year-old Petrina Clarke of Wirefence District, which is also in the vicinity of Albert Town.

The other dead person was Anthony Brown, said to be the owner of the bus. He also hailed from Trelawny and was reportedly working as a conductor when the accident occurred.

The speeding vehicle failed to negotiate a steep, winding corner at about 7:30 am and crashed into a wall, before overturning. There were early reports of the roof of the vehicle being ripped off on impact. It turned out it was actually cut and torn off during the rescue operation.

Accidents occur on that stretch of roadway regularly residents say. The locals pointed out that it actually started out as a detour, since an earlier route — just a few metres away — had become unusable because of a breakaway.

The residents complained that drivers often speed recklessly on the roadway.



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