While other’s play the “dancehall lyricist” game one of the fiercist dj’s creeps back on the scene. As many peers, fans, and selectors had been left curious as to where the infamous “braaaat tat tat tat tat” call of Hollowpoint had gone, wonder no more. Armed with lyrics, a solid production team, and a void desperately needing to be filled, Hollowpoint emerges rejuvenated, ready to claim his place amongst Dancehall and Hip Hop legends.

“Work Over Time” is an eclectic mix of Hollowpoint‘s musical style; featuring a diverse group of 12 singles including his explicit “6ft/7ft” remix “Suck Yuh Mudda” to the mellow summer bounce tune “Roll Right” on the Fresh Medz Riddim.

Combining lyricism that is 100% Hollowpoint with tracks from the illusive BombShop Records, “Work Over Time” is a mixtape for his truest fans while introducing the artist to a whole new generation.

Download “Work Over Time” Mixtape HERE

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