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“Never judge a book by its cover” is truly of substance when paired with Shevon Toriano Stewart, better known as the artist, Hollowpoint. Hollowpoint’s seemingly subtle, quiet, and reserved demeanor is surprisingly mingled with a diversely intelligent mind and sharp witted tongue.

Catching the nickname of Hollowpoint during his youth, he is anything but a “hollow point”. Always harboring a passion for music growing up, he spent high school afternoons captivating classmates with his ability to deejay the lyrics from dancehall greats such as Nicodemus, Eek A Mouse, and Supercat. From classrooms to studio booths, along with his friend Bascom X, Hollowpoint started emerging with his own lyrics and defining style. When he realized his musical talent could grab an eager listening audience, he acknowledge that through dancehall, his music could be use to bring forward messages.

As his journey into music became more solid, his cousin, dancehall artist, Chico introduced him to, Alozade, for whom he began to assist in writing. This collaboration led him to producer Cordell “Scatta” Burrell who was thoroughly intrigued by his well written lyrics and impressed by his solid style and delivery, he went on to produce hits such as “Sitting By My Window” and “Unda Mi Sensi” ft Mr. Vegas & Alozade. With works from producers like Don Corleone (“Who Goes” and “Top Dagger”), Steelie & Clevie (“Dads”), Hollowpoint’s presence has graced local radio stations and sound systems to international broadcast.

While spending some time in the US and European touring, Hollowpoint sharpened his skills and versatility by collaborating with regional hip hop artist, cultivating a style that can seamlessly flow from dancehall to hip hop. Bringing this new style and swagger back home to Jamaica, he solidified his relationship with Bomb Shop Records. Geared up for 2011, Bomb Shop and Hollowpoint’s pairing will produce a new mixtape and singles along with accompanying video releases.

Hollowpoint’s music is a mixture of old and new, bringing forth a twist of his own, stirred with straight forward well versed lyrical content, clean enough for the youth but satisfying for the hardest of dancehall fans. Already discovered, and ready to deliver, Hollowpoint, is a complete package, a legend not just in the making, but in present time.

Bomb Shop Records – (876) 482-7432/bombshoprecords@gmail.com

Media Inquiries/Requests:
HDP – (804) 592-0103/hdpentagency@gmail.com


Hollow point

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