Hold A Vybz with Ink Surgeon

Exclusive interview with fast rising dancehall deejay Ink Surgeon!

1. Which artform do you prefer?

I love both artforms and art on a whole which is why I view myself as a complete artiste because I express my creativity in so many different ways. Music is an artform that gains the attention of a larger amount of people directly while tattoo art is more of a personal expression but both are very fun and rewarding.  

2. What are some of the challenges you have faced in the music industry?

Getting your music played is always a challenge but its one I am prepared for otherwise it is basically about gaining and keeping the attention of the fans. I don’t really see these things as challenges, I view them as just a part of the process. 

3. Tell us about your new EP.

It will be a melting pot of styles and sounds like nothing else on the market at this time. It will show the world how versatile and talented I am. It is called New Wave Upsurge EP and will be out August 6, 2021. 

4. How does it feel to be followed by the great Vybz Kartel?

Its a humbling feeling because he is an artiste I respect and rate highly so the fact that him a pree me ting reminds me that I have something great to offer. 

5. How has the Gyal A Bubble song been doing? 

It has been doing very well and will only get bigger as the place re opens because it is a feel good song for the ladies and me know dem ready fi gwaan bad when it drop. 

6. What is next for Ink Surgeon? 

More hits. 

7. Any advise to any other young artistes? 

Work hard, learn the business and be consistent.  

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