Hawaiian Singer JBOOG Collab With Richie Spice

Fast rising Hawaiian based recording artist J Boog is currently in Jamaica working on a sizzling hot reggae collaboration alongside roots singers Richie Spice at Big Yard Studios located in Kingston.

Fast rising Hawaiian based recording artist J Boog is currently in Jamaica working on a sizzling hot reggae collaboration alongside roots singers Richie Spice at Big Yard Studios located in Kingston.

With the guidance of Morgan Heritage member Gramps and veteran singer/songwriter Yami Bolo* both Boog and Spice joined forces musically to create the still untitled single which according to Boog was inspired after he visited a certain garrison community. “Well I’ve been here for a week now and during my stay I got a chance to go out by Trench Town, there I saw the struggle of the people and that motivated me to do a song. I was born and raised in Long Beach California but from there I moved to Compton so I know what real struggle feels like”.

J BOOG Promo2

J Boog who burst onto the Hawaiian music scenes in 2007 thanks to a chance meeting with the tropical islands biggest superstar “Fiji” stated that he has always wanted to visit the birthplace of reggae but only recent got the opportunity. “Our music in Hawaii is pretty similar to reggae music, in fact we call it Island music or Island reggae so since I began singing I’ve always dreamed of coming to Jamaica to experience the local culture”.

Looking to make his mark in the  nternational mainstream J Boog is confident the world will soon hear his calling. “I am a high energy artist, I make good music and put my blood, sweat and tears into every record, island artists haven’t been getting the recognition we deserve but we not going to stop pushing”.

Backed by Washhouse Music Inc. the label responsible for his success to date J Boog is looking to dominate in 2010


  1. dats wut im talkin bout, get dat poly recognition up in da real mainstream reggae. enuf of da island reggae thang, dat jus aint happenin, keep da reggae pure, wit real reggae styles, real reggae raggamuffinz, not like dat cheezy local reggae ish goin on in hawaii, i mean if it aint da fij-dawg or j-boog on deez island hits den it aint worth hearin, yaddadamean!!! waste time bludclotz. jahkno.

  2. love ur music i like how u mixed it with reggae i love my reggae music my favorite song of yours is lets do it again OMG love it i hope nd will love to see u in concert soon.

  3. Aloha J-Boog! You make Hawaii proud and all Polynesian people.
    Keep up the great music and share that beautiful heart you have.
    Israel Kamakawiwoole would be proud, your music is unique.
    Take it all the way and live your dream my friend.

    Moanalani Ke`alohilani Roquette 🙂

  4. Moanalani, you’re so completely confused it’s ridiculous. “You make Hawaii proud and all Polynesian people.” Speak for yourself. First of all he’s not from Hawai’i, nor is he Hawaiian. He is Samoan and from Compton. He only moved to Hawai’i in 07 to work with Fiji. As far as making “all” Polynesians proud, speak for yourself, he doesn’t make me proud at all, I think he’s a sell out. His video for “Lets do it again” is disgusting. The one thing I was so proud about local music in Hawai’i was that we don’t have “video ho’s” and now someone who isn’t from Hawai’i nor Hawaiian comes to Hawai’i and puts girls in bikini’s and has them shake their okole on his video. Awe! No can! We gatta teach our keiki to have some self respect and morals and not degrade themselves to being T&A in music videos. Young girls now days think brains and integrity is nothing, that how you look and what you have is everything. It’s people like JBoog who teach them these things. It’s our responsibility to show them the right way. Go back to compton JBoog.

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