Hapilos Re-Signs Gullyside’s Flexxx

Dancehall artiste Flexxx ‘s fresh musical concepts and unique flair has paid off. Not only has this translated into increased concert bookings, but also a much-coveted management deal courtesy of international powerhouse, Hapilos Entertainment Group.

The recording contract, also outfitted with a brand new BMW as a signing bonus, is another feather in the hat of the Alliance and Gully Squad artiste known for his songs, Fresh, Gullyside College, Have Weh Fi Gih Mi, and others. Flexxx, who recently returned to the island after a successful East Coast tour of the United States alongside fellow dancehall star, Mavado, says he is happy with the evolution of his career and the loyalty of his Haplios Entertainment team.

“Hapilos Entertainment has been my official management team for over a year now. The initial agreement was for a one-year deal, like a ‘feeling-out period’,” says Flexxx, whose correct name is Omar Henry.

He added, “That one year has now come and gone. Upper management liked what they saw so I was invited to New York to sit and talk with them. The result was a beefed up extension of my contract…I love working with Hapilos Entertainment because it’s not a company where anybody can just run in and force the timing. They take their time and do their groundwork and when the time is right they make things happen the right way.”

According to Peter Sims, General Manager of Hapilos’ Jamaican operations, “Flexxx is a great artiste with a lot of potential. It was no problem reworking and extending his contract. We know that signing bonuses are seldom heard of in Jamaica especially for a young artiste like Flexxx, but we believe in investing in our artistes so they can reach their maximum potential. It’s the Hapilos way.”

Johnny Wonder, Executive Vice President of 21st/Hapilos Digital Distribution spoke similarly: “Flexxx’s re-signing to Hapilos Entertainment is the natural thing to do. Now it’s time to focus on his great talent. Both as an artiste and songwriter and allow the world hear more.”

As further proof of Flexxx’s focus, he also walked away with the Music Industry Achievers Award for “Best Songwriter” and also received a nomination nod for “Most Determined Artiste” at the awards.

In addition, Flexxx who released the new single, Me Seh Weh Mi Wah Seh, will be re-joining Mavado on his West Coast tour of the United States, which they are confident will reap as much success as their East Coast tour.

He says, “It’s so hard to break my focus right now. Music is what I love and I’m definitely pushing ahead to not only get Flexxx the artiste out there, but also be another artiste that the industry, my Hapilos team and my fans can be proud of while I rep them on the local and international stage.”

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