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Publicist and Marketing GURU, Kemar Daswell, has ventured into a market that has his competitors in a frenzy.

Mr. Daswell has launched his brand new comfy,edgy and sexy tees for both male and female dubbed “GURU” by Kemar “Guru” Daswell.

Guru Tees in just 48hours of its release was completely wiped out as eager supporters as well as potential clients snatched their Guru Tees as soon as they were available. According to the designer the shirts will not be a mass production as for now Guru Tees will be an exclusive brand supplying members of the creative industry as well as the wider public.

According to fashion blogger Ashlei Fearce “These Tees are a must have, you can dress them with a blazer (male and female) and accessories (female) and dress them down depending on your mood.” which is also echoed by sever other fashion industry insiders.

Guru Tees first collection “Love Addiction” features lips on both the male and female shirts as the designer describes that the lips symbolizes the concept he was going for. “The lips are placed on the shoulder of the male shirt to ilustrate when a man goes out and his girlfriend gives him a kiss it stays there, until the wife sees it, and for the female its placed at the back as often times when a woman walks pass the male looks back and checks her out and where the lips are is the first place he looks”

Mr. Daswell designer of Guru Tees is set to release his new collection within weeks as orders are being made and bookings and request for Guru Tees as well as persons as far as United Kingdom have requested to purchase their own Guru Tees.

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