Gully Bop Talks His Side “Mi Nuh Hype Pon Nubody”

Claim Records has severed ties with fast rising sensation Gully Bop because the dancehall deejay is reportedly too hype according to a representative of the label.

According to “Bling” who is one of the owners of company, Gully Bop is disrespectful.

Shauna Chin Talks After Gully Bop Was Dropped By Claims Records

Meanwhile, Gully Bop tells Music News that he’s on his own and was never in any contractual agreement. The Bop further explains that recording a song for a producer does not mean that you are owned by the individual.

The move by Claim Records has angered some fans on social media who questioned the label’s action asking why Gully Bop wasn’t axed before Sting.

Others claim that the label’s timing is a clear indication that Gully Bop was used.

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