Gold Gad “GoldGadHub” Music Video

Rising dancehall artiste Gold Gad presents the official music video for “GoldGadHub,” produced by J-Nexx Production, directed by Film by LoneWolf.

The video features cameo appearances from popular social media influencer Pine, Nitro and more.

yes its beautiful but listen
im gonna introduce you to this artist
his name is Gold Gad, hes running the hottest live on his page
right now you need to go over there right now ok its beautiful
is like mi a run a hore house deh every gyal ina do worl a
dash dem hole out deh
if yo neva see nuh pvssy well you know weh it deh
gyal mi waah you skin it out
out yea tight hole tight hole
gyal know how it set
skin it out skin it out
mek di whole crowd seh
if you neva get nuh pvssy well you know weh
it deh dem a wet up di whole house yea
yeah di whole house wet tek supn an slide it
ina you pvssy yea we like it skin it out
ina fi camera wull on deh wipe it

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