Girls Fight Over Dead Man At Dovecot

Video of Jamaican girls fighting at Dovecot Funeral/ Memorial Park over Dead Man.

Video contains graphic language and nudity.


SMH @ the video man.

  1. dem gyal ugly nuh rass gone a funeral guh fight ova dead cocky wid dem ratched hair m face , dem bring shame to woman kind Kórî Lóri Stillsž , Robbyn Brown.

  2. this is the most embarrassing thing ever the women are dressed for a club though forget ugly ya are horrible examples to kids based on clothes alone idc why ya fighting but look how you showed up look like the labor day parade.

  3. they wasnt fighting over no dead man cocky.they were fighting because pinky said that caddy said she pinky don't look good.pinkyis the girl in the white dress or top candy in theblack n white dress.

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